Content editing

This will cover the collaboration of revisions, rewrites, repositioning and reorganizing with the author.


Structural editing

This covers the overall structure of the story.


Copy editing

This covers accuracy, consistency, punctuation, spelling and grammar.


Line editing
This covers creative content, writing style and language.  Primarily focusing on the way language is used to communicate the story to the reader.


Second Glance

I also offer second glance editing/proofreading. For the already established author who has not had success with a previous editor or proofreader, I offer services to polish the manuscript with a second glance to improve all aspects missing from it. It could contain one or all of the above.


With my extensive experience within the administration field, my knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. Reading business documentation has taught me to look for errors at every turn and question the spelling of certain words within a global organization ensuring that the correct form of English is used.

As an avid reader who is constantly drawn to a story, it is annoying to be in the midst of that story only to find that it is spoiled with spelling errors or grammar inconsistencies.

Typos are not uncommon, it does happen to the best of us – we are only human after all. But the last thing a writer needs is for a reader to put the book down and not finish it because of typos, or even worse, return it for a refund.

Attention to detail is everything. I have a keen set of eyes that can pick up spelling errors and help you get that polish you desire on your manuscript.

I can be your final eyes and assist with spelling, punctuation and grammar, identifying errors before you publish.

Please note – this service alone does not include content editing.

Beta reading

Beta reading will assist you in the critique of your manuscript; plot, flow and more.

This service, as well as being included within my editing services, can also be provided as a standalone service.

A beta reader works with you from the onset of your manuscript, assisting with a second opinion on the overall story and primarily looks for plot holes, story inconsistencies, character development and other improvements.

As a writer, you want your readers to love your story as much as you do. A beta reader can assist you in making it fabulous rather than just okay.

Sometimes it can be an unpleasant experience when a beta reader pulls your manuscript apart, but as a writer, you need to be realistic and understand that the critique is offered as an improvement.

Countless times people complain relentlessly when they are not happy with products. You don’t want to be in this position where your product is returned for the story falling apart.

I believe a beta reader should be subjective to your story, a critical eye that will be honest in their opinion and assist you in making it the best it can be.

All services can be combined.

I am happy to discuss packages.

As I have mentioned before,

I offer an honest and constructive opinion on all of these services.