Testimonial – Author Elle Brooks

My experience with Trish Bacher of Editor In Heels, was fabulous!

Not only were the services provided, efficient, professional and delivered to a high standard, the whole experience with working with Trish, was very pleasant. I can say with no doubt, that my Novels would not have gained the exposure or the praise, had it not been for her input. Any questions I had were dealt with promptly, and the feedback and comments she gave me were of great help.

I can’t recommended Trish (Editor in Heels) highly enough. The services provided are five star.


Testimonial – Author L.A. Fiore

Editor in Heels, Trish Bacher, is both professional and extremely efficient. Her attention to fine detail is amazing. She immerses herself in the story so her observations and suggestions only work to enhance the overall telling of the story. And even with all the work she puts into the manuscript, her turnaround time is fantastic. I look forward to working with Trish again.


Testimonial – Author Nikki Sex

I’ve used Trish Bacher, Editor in Heels, for my last three novels ABUSE,  ACCUSE and AVENGE. Trish has been amazingly easy to work with, and I have found her service prompt and accurate. I’ll definitely be using her again!


Testimonial – Author Janine Infante Bosco

The beauty of being an INDIE author is the people you meet throughout your journey, the people selflessly willing to help you reach your goals. Trish Bacher is one of those people, whether working with authors through her blog, Novels In Heels or guiding authors, such as myself with editing through Editor in Heels, she works with you, helping you chase your dreams.

I first reached out to Novels in Heels, hoping for the blog to read my story and help spread the word. Not only did Trish read my story and help me promote my books she was kind enough to mention some things that caught her eye, some things that I needed to work on. As a new author, I admit I made many mistakes, and while most reviewers were quick to name the errors, Trish sent me a private email explaining some of my mistakes. She took the time out of her day to go through the first chapter of my debut novel and graciously pointed out the errors and suggested some changes that would work, allowing me to learn.

I’ve struggled with editing in the past so when it came time to publish my latest novel, Forbidden Temptations, I reached out to Trish acquiring her assistance. Again, she was generous and selfless enough to help me, making my novel the absolute best work I have delivered to my readers to date. She is professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Acknowledgment – Author Maci Dillon

Trish Bacher – my editing queen and devil’s advocate.  Where on earth do I start? You went over and beyond for me. I know I made your life hell, missing deadline after deadline but I’m so grateful you stuck by me and saw me through this journey. When I believed I couldn’t take this story any deeper you pushed me even further. Thank you for believing in Will and Chloe enough to ensure their whole story was told.  I hope I did them justice.  Thank you, lady, you rock! xx


Acknowledgment – Author J A Low

Trish no words can describe how amazing your friendship is to me. My sister from another mister. Not only are you a kick ass editor you are an amazing friend, I am so lucky to have found you!